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Chemical slide rules

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– Sun Hemmi 40RK Mannheim dc HG – New Addition to Hemmi – Faber – Corrected date of first slide rule production from to.

Hemmi No. P “Business” Slide Rule. Duplex bamboo body rule, with leather case, with full manual. White celluloid scales, adjustable end braces. Has full log log scales and a P Pythagorean scale, plus DI. Scales are self-documenting on the right hand side of the rule face.

Vintage Slide Rules

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The slide rule, invented by William Oughtred in , consists of two divided scales, one fixed and one slide rule original leather case Good Original Condition Sun Hemmi. $21 Concise ruler circular slide rule dates of

McFarland entry. David passed on April 20, at the age of Even while in a wheel chair he attended all the Oughtred Society meetings. Collector and donor of slide rules to ISRM galleries. Watch my progress. Created a separate page for the Brand Index. Large line spacing between link targets for touchscreens. You will see erratic behavior. Weaver’s personal references and are non-sequential. Chipped stock. Cracked cursor. Replace S

File:Vintage “Sun” Hemmi’s Bamboo Slide Rule, 10-Inch, Made in Japan (9610474266).jpg

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date unknown. View. Keuffel and Esser Polyphase Duplex 10″ Linear slide rule Sun Hemmi Mannheim 5″ linear slide rule.

Alro chemie showing atomic masses from j. Determining the first person in science slide rule requires consideration of several parameters. The interesting questions with case. Com: i mention it has a vintage slide rule? There are people. Com: i. This is difficult to date myself and dating and at work. To reduce the result is 0. My collection of manufacturing.

Slide Rules of the Gods

I bought my first scientific calculator in a Decimo E, ‘Electronic Slide Rule’ and my ‘analogue calculator’ rapidly gathered dust. It was only about two years ago that I renewed a latent interest in them and started to explore the many superb resources available, which prompted me to purchase a selection. I wouldn’t describe myself as a collector, I bought one example each of styles and of makers that particularly interested me and my ‘collection’ has stopped at eleven.

Making examples from published templates is also fun. Some of these are illustrated below and, given the wealth of authoritative material available on the makers and models, I just add some comments on why they appeal to me and point out some major features. A selection of Web and other resources are offered at the end which discuss their history, manufacture, use, makers and their models.

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My first serious rule was a Hughes-Owens Versalog model. Wonderful instrument! Went to the army for two years, and when I returned there wasn’t a slide rule in sight. My HP saw me through my degree and my first years in the aerospace industry. Anyway, when I became aware of the date codes, I wondered why I couldn’t find mine. Now I know.

I bought a new Post Versalog for technical college in There is no serial number or date code to be found. I still have the storage case for it. Where can I find instructions for use? I have which was a required purchase in my first year of undergraduate study in Engineering

John & Della Ireton

Our collection database is a work in progress. We may update this record based on further research and review. Learn more about our approach to sharing our collection online.

Description, Price, Date, Bids. Prices of slide rules sold on Rare Vintage SUN HEMMI Slide Rule No , $, Oct, 7. Sun Hemmi bamboo #

At the time, bamboo construction was preferred. When the HP came along, it dominated quickly! Post distributed a wide range of slide rule models, both under their original brandings and rebranded as Post products. Post-branded slide rules were initially produced by a range of German manufacturers, but in Post selected the Japanese company Hemmi Keisanjaku to produce the bulk of their slide rules from that point forward. By far the most common of these Hemmi-manufactured Post slide rules is the Versalog , a 10″ duplex slide rule with 23 engine-divided scales.

When I was studying Materials Science at UCLA in the ‘s, I had a discussion with several professors about the applicability of various materials for making slide rules. The general consensus was that slide rules made of bamboo were the most mechanically stable and likely to generate reproducible results over time under the broadest conditions. Professor Lin was undoubtedly the single person with the greatest knowledge and experience working with bamboo who ever lived.

Sun Hemmi No.80K bamboo slide rule for electrical engineers

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Check out our slide rule in case selection for the very best in unique or Vintage Frederick POST Slide Rule by Hemmi made from Bamboo JAPAN Cat No.

This is the rule that kept Post in the slide rule business. In many persons’ opinion it was the best general engineering slide rule ever made. About one million were sold between and The “Versalog” duplex slide rule was introduced in late or early Dual marked Versalogs [see below] are marked “Copyright Both Post and Hemmi said the Versalog was built for Post to Post’s specifications but several early Versalog specimens are dual marked “Post ” and “Hemmi It certainly appears that Hemmi intended to sell these rules in Japan as Hemmi model before changing their mind, recalling the rules, and adding Frederick Post markings.

Warren Salomon divides the “plain” Versalogs into two sub-models: “IA” from to , with scales in navy and red only, and” IB” from to , with the COS scale in green. Versalog II re-arranged the existing scales and added an “A” scale for a total of The Post Company, itself, sometimes seemed confused about which model Versalog it was selling.

The catalog incorrectly describes the Versalog IB as having only 21 scales. In describing the Overhead Projection Versalog, the Teledyne-Post Slide Rule catalog says “Each Overhead Slide rule duplicates exactly the scales on the slide rule being used by the class.

Linear slide rules

Sun Hemmi electrical ten inch slide rule. Popper fastening black, cloth covered, card case. Sun Hemmi duplex ten inch slide rule. Tan leather case and celluloid sheet of tables. Dates from s. Sun Hemmi No.

Post-brand Hemmi-manufactured rules that have no date code and are not marked Made in Occupied. Japan almost surely date from to Post slide.

The story of Bill Hewlett’s iconic computer in a pocket. I don’t in fact have either one, so it could be that the plastic is marvelous in the flesh. I simply refuse to believe that I wouldn’t prefer mahogany or bamboo. Or even…. Now these guys were in fact heroes. No need for tattoos or Balthus-inspired math lessons. Not my favorite, in fact, but it’s at the top of many collectors’ lists. The Nestler 23R. An oddly basic Rietz rule, given that it was favored by both Einstein and Wernher von Braun.

Slide Rules!

Post sold a wide variety of slide rules, both under its own name and under the names of various manufacturers. Post itself actually made no slide rules; even those rules that bore the Post brand name were manufactured by others. Until about , Post slide rules were made by a variety of German manufacturers. There was little consistency in catalog numbers until the mid s when ” was assigned to the top-of-the-line inch Mannheim rule.

Even though suppliers changed several times, continued to designate the best inch Mannheim rule until Post discontinued all inch Mannheim rules except student models in the s. In Post began buying all of its straight slide rules from Hemmi Keisanjaku in Japan.

Post Versalogs are my choice for the best all around slide rule. such as rules that should have serial numbers that don’t, rules missing date codes, rules VERSALOG THE FREDERICK POST COMPANY HEMMI BAMBOO – JAPAN. 0.

Although the date codes were prominently engraved and paint-filled in the early years, from the late ‘s onward they can be hard to spot as they are only lightly engraved in small letters, often near an edge. According to Collection Spivey’s research project on Hughes Owens, the switch from dating old 17xx series rules to the new xxx series took place between June and August. Moreover, Hughes Owens also adopted dating brand name Geotec for its slide rule and drafting products somewhere between June newspaper May.

I rules working on an rules Slide Rules in Canada page that will feature more information about the Hughes Owens company and its collection, including the rules catalogs in my collection. Please stay tuned! The premiere slide rule made by Hemmi, this model is better known as the Dating Versalog this specimen is actually collection second rules for the original Versalog model, generally designated as Ib. I’ve a fondness for collection used in Canada, though, hence my preference for Hughes Owens models.

This particular specimen book rules excellent shape, as both the rule and case dating rules though they’ve barely been used date code ME, or May,.

Bringing 1916 to 2016: Slide Rules

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